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How to roll your long putts stone dead

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Play Your Best -

eing an ef­fec­tive long put­ter is about hav­ing good feel. The mis­take many am­a­teurs make is think­ing they have to hit these putts harder.Any time you in­crease ef­fort, you sac­ri­fice feel, which is your abil­ity to judge dis­tance. What you want is a stroke that looks rhyth­mi­cal and al­most ef­fort­less. Fol­low these steps for bet­ter long putting.

BDavid Leadbetter

For­get those old photographs of Nick­laus and Palmer hunched over the ball on the greens. To ac­com­mo­date a longer putting stroke, it’s eas­ier if you stand taller with very lit­tle bend at the hips.

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