Brace against the in­step of your back foot as you swing to the top.

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Play Your Best -

When I’m not hit­ting the ball real solid, it’s usu­ally be­cause I’m sway­ing to my right dur­ing the back­swing. That hap­pens be­cause my feet aren’t planted on the ground like they should be. You want your lower body to feel rock-solid so you can wind your up­per body against it and store power for the sec­ond half of the swing.

A firm base also puts you in po­si­tion to make a fast and pow­er­ful down­swing with­out fall­ing off bal­ance. That bal­ance helps you hit the ball in the sweet spot of the club, which trans­lates your speed into dis­tance. A good swing thought is to keep the in­side of your right foot braced – es­pe­cially at the heel – as you swing back. Justin Thomas,

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