Power Shift

Train­ing your lower body to hit it flush

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any golfers get happy feet when they try to take a healthy cut at the ball. They look as if they’re spin­ning out of con­trol, like a car on an icy road. A lack of sta­bil­ity in the lower body puts them in a weak po­si­tion com­ing into im­pact.To con­sis­tently make bet­ter con­tact and fin­ish your swing in a com­fort­able pose, fol­low th­ese four steps for im­proved lower­body ac­tion. David Leadbetter

A bal­anced setup pro­motes good use of the lower body. Bend from your hip joints a lit­tle so they’re stacked over the backs of your knees, down through your an­kles. Check this with a club­shaft

As you go back, sense your weight be­ing in­creas­ingly sup­ported by your right heel. To get a feel for this move­ment, cross your arms and prac­tice your back­swing pivot with­out a club, like I’m do­ing here.

Ini­ti­ate the down­swing with a shift of the lower body to­wards the tar­get. You’ll feel it ini­tially in the for­ward half of your left foot. Make this shift be­fore you ro­tate your up­per body around that leg.

Fi­nally, set­tle into your left heel and use your left leg as a post to swing around. Feel as if that leg is screwed into the ground, let­ting you brace for the strike and com­plete your swing in bal­ance.

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