Get Your Head in the Game

Try­ing to keep it still can ruin your ball-strik­ing

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he old say­ing about keep­ing your eye on the ball was ac­tu­ally a cue some in­struc­tors used to help golfers main­tain their shoul­der tilt from setup through im­pact. Un­for­tu­nately, it has been mis­in­ter­preted over the years to mean you should keep your head down and dead still when you swing. Do­ing that

Tleads to a re­stricted mo­tion back and through – and poor shots. So what should your head be do­ing? Well, it’s a bit of per­sonal pref­er­ence. Jack Nick­laus liked to tilt his head away from the tar­get be­fore tak­ing the club back, like he was star­ing at the ball with his left eye only.That al­lowed him to make a freer back­swing. Other play­ers, like An­nika Soren­stam, let their heads ro­tate to­wards the tar­get dur­ing the down­swing to help them power through the ball. Cur­tis Strange let his head move lat­er­ally in both di­rec­tions – away from the tar­get go­ing back, to­wards the tar­get go­ing through.Those can all work.

The most im­por­tant thing is to keep your head from bob­bing up and down. If it does, you have to re­turn it to the level it was at ad­dress to make solid con­tact. That’s tough to do con­sis­tently. Re­mem­ber, it’s okay to slide or swivel your head – just main­tain your height. ELE­MEN­TARY WAT­SON

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