Don’t Cheat Your Fin­ish

You won’t get far if you stop short

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big key to get­ting the bot­tom of your swing in the right place – which is how you make solid con­tact – is to com­plete your turn through the shot.That means get­ting your belt buckle to move around and point to the tar­get. You can try to fake it and flip your arms up and around af­ter im­pact, but to do it right, you need to keep turn­ing and shift your weight to your front leg.Your back leg is a kick­stand for bal­ance.

AWhat hap­pens if you don’t get all the way there? It puts the bot­tom of your swing arc fur­ther back, prob­a­bly be­hind the ball. Un­less you make some other com­pen­sa­tion in your swing, you’re go­ing to mis-hit the shot.

To feel the right move­ment, take some de­lib­er­ate, half-speed swings, mak­ing sure to ro­tate through and fin­ish with your back foot turned up on its toes. You should be able to lift that foot off the ground for a sec­ond and tap it back down (left). If you can’t, it means you didn’t get all your weight through.

A great added ben­e­fit of this toe-tap drill is that it helps with your tim­ing.Why do tour play­ers’ swings look so smooth? Those guys get their hands, arms and bod­ies work­ing to­gether in the down­swing. A full, bal­anced fin­ish is a huge part of that. Hank Haney

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