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Right-handed golfers should load their left side with weight on short shots. One of the keys to the short game is the abil­ity to hit down with a de­scend­ing blow. You can­not hit down at the cor­rect spot if your weight is on the back foot. You ei­ther hit be­hind the ball, or on the up and in the teeth.

When throw­ing a ball you would nat­u­rally shift your weight on to the left foot, so think of that mo­tion. A big mis­take with short shots comes when play­ers try and stay still. Us­ing your legs and shift­ing your weight nat­u­rally means less ten­sion, and you gain a sense of feel. Your head should stay quiet but you must shift and turn your lower half. KEY POINTS 1) At ad­dress, set up with 70% of your weight on your left side. 2) Hit down through the ball. 3) Your weight moves nat­u­rally to the left so that 90% ends up on the left side at the fin­ish. 4) Like throw­ing un­der­arm, your right arm should ex­tend to­wards the tar­get, which is im­pos­si­ble to do off your back foot. 5) Make sure your right heel comes away from the ground on all shots. 6) Hold your fin­ish for bal­ance.

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