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Achiev­ing con­sis­tency in the face of so many vari­ables is one of golf’s chal­lenges.

“Slow down” is a com­ment of­ten heard, and con­trol of club­head speed, dur­ing tran­si­tion be­tween back­swing and down­swing, is im­por­tant to syn­chro­nise the swing. Many golfers at­tempt to cre­ate a pause when chang­ing di­rec­tion by con­sciously think­ing (not ideal) about slow­ing down, in­stead of a nat­u­ral pause through a change in tech­nique and prac­tice.

The pause re­quired for the change in di­rec­tion from back­swing to down­swing can be achieved by get­ting the shoul­ders and club­head to ar­rive at the top of the back­swing to­gether. This nat­u­rally cre­ates that mo­ment where the club­head comes to “rest” be­fore the se­quenc­ing of the down­swing be­gins. An im­prove­ment in bal­ance, width at the top of back­swing, swing path, an­gle of at­tack, and the all-im­por­tant se­quenc­ing through the hit­ting zone, will be no­ticed which could as­sist you on the path to con­sis­tency.

Achiev­ing this nat­u­ral pause can be done by set­ting your wrists be­fore the shoul­der turn is com­pleted. To get the right feel­ing use the drill

where you set your wrists at waist height and then ro­tate your up­per body un­til your back is fac­ing the tar­get

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