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Golfers shank be­cause 1) they stand too close to the ball, 2) come over the top in the down­swing, 3) bring the club down on too shal­low a swing plane away from the body, and 4) poor bal­ance where a golfer’s weight moves on to the toes in the down­swing. To cor­rect a shank, you need to 1) stand fur­ther away from the ball, 2) swing the club more from the in­side into the ball, aim­ing to hit it to­wards the toe, 3) make sure your shaft plane does not point out­side the ball go­ing back and com­ing down. You must feel your hands are closer to your body in the down­swing, and 4) keep your weight more to­wards your heels. Make sure your head is steady to main­tain bal­ance.

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