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Some­thing not well known is re­verse spine tilt, which might sound like re­verse pivot, but is not the same. A re­verse pivot oc­curs when you get to the top of your back­swing and most of your weight is on your left side.

Re­verse spine tilt is when you shift weight cor­rectly to the top of the turn, but your spine leans back­wards, to­wards the tar­get. This places stress on the spine, and is the #1 cause of lower back pain in golfers (ac­cord­ing to the Titleist Per­for­mance In­sti­tute).

In the pho­tos, I’ve used a shaft against my spine to il­lus­trate just how my up­per body/spine is tilt­ing back to­wards the tar­get at the top of my turn even though my weight has shifted cor­rectly onto my right side. That’s what we call a re­verse spine tilt. On the right I’ve ro­tated cor­rectly, with the shaft/spine an­gle mir­ror­ing the po­si­tion I started in at ad­dress. It’s a health­ier po­si­tion and will help bet­ter se­quenc­ing and weight trans­fer go­ing for­ward, not to men­tion bet­ter ball-strik­ing and con­sis­tency.

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