Why’d I Do That?

You try so hard not to slice, you slice worse

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Play Your Best -

ou can feel that left-toright wind against your back at ad­dress.You think, Man, not a great time to hit one of my slices. So you try might­ily to start the ball left. But it takes an an­gry right turn, and the wind gets it. No chance.

When slicers try to swing to the left, they cut across the ball, mak­ing it all the harder to square the face. The re­sult is even worse: a mas­sive slice.What can you do?

First, make a few waist-high prac­tice swings. That will round out

Yy­our swing shape, pro­mot­ing a bet­ter re­lease, and help you square the face at im­pact. Sec­ond, set up with the club­head for­ward of the ball, then take your grip.With­out chang­ing your hands on the club, move the club­head be­hind the ball.Your grip will be stronger (hands turned more to the right), and the face will be slightly closed.

Third, use a 3-wood in­stead of a driver.The shorter 3-wood is eas­ier to hit solid and much eas­ier to draw into a cross­wind.

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