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Stop ten­sion from ru­in­ing your next round

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hether it’s first-tee jit­ters, the de­cid­ing shot on 18 or a round with the new boss, you might be des­tined for fail­ure be­fore you even take the club back. Anx­i­ety can pre­vent you from mak­ing a full and fluid swing and can cor­rupt good me­chan­ics.The key is to recog­nise when it’s hap­pen­ing so you can deal with it. Here are four steps you should try.

WDavid Leadbetter

When you sole the club on the ground, you’ll tend to push down on it. That in­creases the ten­sion in your hand and arm mus­cles. In­stead, hover the club­head an inch or so above the turf.

Stop wor­ry­ing about your grip pres­sure. Fo­cus on how re­laxed your arms feel at ad­dress. The arms are the real cul­prits when the swing gets short and fast, es­pe­cially on full shots. A good swing thought over the ball is,

This one might sound silly, but it re­ally works. Ad­dress the ball with your mouth open and your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth. This will dis­si­pate a lot of ten­sion in your neck and shoul­ders.

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