The Hy­brid Scooter

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oth­ing’s worse than be­ing just short in two and mak­ing 6 be­cause you bladed one over the green.The hy­brid chip can be a life­saver, es­pe­cially when you have a lot of green to work with. One thing to keep in mind:The ball comes off a hy­brid pretty hot, so it’s just a lit­tle bump to get it go­ing.

I use my putting grip be­cause the mo­tion is a lot like a putting stroke. Set up with the ball off the in­step of your back foot to make sure you catch the ball first. Stand close to the ball, and choke down on the grip a few

Ncen­time­tres to shorten the club. The shaft should be pretty up­right at ad­dress.This will help you make a straight-back, straight-through stroke. If you stand fur­ther from the ball, the stroke will be more rounded, which makes it tougher to make crisp con­tact.

The stroke is a sim­ple back and through with firm wrists. Why not just putt it? Be­cause a put­ter has al­most no loft, so you’ll tend to hit the ball down into the turf and come up short.The hy­brid launches it a few cen­time­tres in the air, so the ball skips off the fringe and rolls like a putt.You’re gonna love this lit­tle shot. Butch Har­mon

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