Work­ing the Ball

Change your shot shape by chang­ing your fin­ish

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hink­ing about your swing from begin­ning to end is nat­u­ral, work­ing from ad­dress to back­swing to down­swing to fin­ish. But start­ing from the op­po­site end – the fin­ish – can help in­flu­ence the way you curve shots.

How your swing ends says a lot about the mo­tion you made

Tto get there. For ex­am­ple, a fin­ish with the right side no­tice­ably lower than the left and the weight hang­ing back a lit­tle (above, left) in­di­cates you’ve swung down from in­side the tar­get line and the hands and arms were mov­ing faster than the body.That tends to pro­duce a right-to-left shot – a draw.

If you do the op­po­site, where the chest and hips are fac­ing the tar­get at the fin­ish and the right shoul­der is high (above, right), you’ve prob­a­bly hit a shot that curved from left to right – a fade.

To hit the ball straight, get your hips and chest turned to­wards the tar­get and the shaft an­gled down slightly and across the back of the head (mid­dle).

Re­hearse these fin­ish po­si­tions, and you’ll have a lot bet­ter feel for how to shape shots.You also can elim­i­nate your typ­i­cal bad shot by swing­ing to the fin­ish that’s the op­po­site. Hank Haney


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