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A new way to train your brain for bet­ter golf

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ou’ve prob­a­bly no­ticed Ja­son Day’s pre-shot rou­tine: Day flut­ters his eyes open and closed be­hind the ball while tak­ing a deep breath be­fore step­ping into nearly ev­ery shot. It might look odd, but it has a pur­pose. It’s the re­sult of Day’s work in con­trol­ling brain ac­tiv­ity us­ing an app­based prod­uct called Fo­cusBand ($500).When you wear the com­pany’s head­gear and hit a golf shot, sen­sors record what’s go­ing on in your head – namely, are you fo­cused or dis­tracted?

The de­vice was in­vented in 2009 by the Aus­tralian fa­ther-son team of Gra­ham and Henry Boul­ton to help train ath­letes in all sports get into what is com­monly known as “the zone,” or as the Boul­tons call it, a “state of no-mind­ed­ness, or Mushin.”The goal:Train­ing your mind to per­form the process of each swing with­out hav­ing to con­sciously think about the rou­tine or out­come as you per­form it.

The Fo­cusBand app dis­plays your brain score after each shot – known as the Mushin Fac­tor – and gives you easy-to-de­ci­pher feed­back on how well you were able to clear your mind by us­ing colour-coded im­ages of a brain. Shades of red in­di­cate a loss of fo­cus. Green means you were

Adding to its golf ap­pli­ca­tion is a part­ner­ship

Ywith the launch-mon­i­tor com­pany FlightS­cope.You can an­a­lyse your brain ac­tiv­ity along­side your swing data with its VX app ($10). It’s fas­ci­nat­ing to see if there’s a cor­re­la­tion be­tween how you felt about a swing, the re­sult of the shot, and whether the app in­di­cates your mind was clear.This might help ex­plain the age-old frus­tra­tion of why you hit it great on the range but strug­gle on the course.Your brain is get­ting in the way. – stephen hen­nessey

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