Mak­ing putts is more about setup than stroke.

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents - By Mike Shan­non

Just as the eyes are the win­dows to the soul, the setup in put­ting is the win­dow to the stroke. If left alone, the stroke will mir­ror the po­si­tions es­tab­lished at ad­dress. Set up well, and your stroke will flow nat­u­rally; set up poorly, and you’ll be fight­ing your­self the whole way.

It’s easy to pick out good and bad put­ters by look­ing at their set­ups. But ev­ery golfer has the abil­ity to putt as well as a tour pro be­cause, phys­i­cally, put­ting de­mands very lit­tle.You don’t have to be strong or fit or flex­i­ble. But you do need to get into a good setup. Here are the steps I teach. –with peter morrice

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