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Your goal is to en­ter the sand about five cen­time­tres be­hind the ball. Once you do that, the most im­por­tant part of bunker tech­nique comes into play: keep­ing the club mov­ing. Swing down and through, slid­ing the club­head right down your tar­get line.

The swing key that’s go­ing to help you most in the bunkers is: Keep your

speed up. Most am­a­teurs I see let the club slow down or stop as soon as it strikes the sand. Don’t be afraid you’ll hit this shot too far. Trust that if you swing the club­head into the sand be­hind the ball, it’ll pro­pel the ball out high and soft and some­where near the hole. Maybe it’ll be­come a day at the beach after all.

Natalie Gul­bis has played the LPGA Tour since 2002 and has al­most $5 mil­lion in earn­ings.

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