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First thing is aim. Aim­ing the put­ter is a func­tion of a player’s vi­sion, and we’re all dif­fer­ent. Put­ter­face aim is de­ter­mined by the front-to-back ball po­si­tion. Ev­ery player has a front-to-back po­si­tion that cor­re­lates to per­fect aim. If the ball gets in front of that spot, the put­ter is aimed left. If the ball moves be­hind it, the aim is to the right. (A 3-cm change shifts the aim by 10 cen­time­tres for ev­ery 3 me­tres.) Place the ball where it feels cor­rect, then have a friend check from be­hind if the face is aimed at the hole, or left or right. Ad­just ac­cord­ingly.

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