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We love this quote from Bobby Jones: “The hands form the con­nect­ing link by which the forces brought to life in the player’s body are trans­mit­ted to the club­head.” Or, as we say it, the hands take hold of, to take con­trol of, the club. And the left hand is the leader.

Start with the grip in the fin­gers and palm of the left hand, with the left thumb on top of the grip (left). As you swing, al­low the club­face to ro­tate open go­ing back, the toe of the club turn­ing up­ward. Through im­pact, think of the knuck­les of the left hand turn­ing down to the ground

(be­low, right). That’s the feel­ing of de­loft­ing and squar­ing the face. Take an­other look at that photo on the first page: Richard is do­ing it beau­ti­fully there. Re­mem­ber, the lead hand is the di­rec­tor, and all other mo­tion flows from what that hand is do­ing. bob toski, 90, has been one of golf’s lead­ing in­struc­tors since the 1960s.

gary battersby, his teach­ing part­ner, has stud­ied neu­ro­science in golf for 20-plus years. Here, they’re hold­ing a ho­muncu­lus (“lit­tle man”), a model that rep­re­sents how the brain views the sen­si­tiv­ity in the hands com­pared to the rest of the body.

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