Pitch shots made easy.

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Lit­tle pitch shots, like the one above, drive golfers nuts. First off, they use too much loft.The more loft you have, the big­ger swing you need.And more swing means more things can go wrong. So un­less you have no green to work with, keep your lob wedge in the bag. Sec­ond is­sue: Most golfers don’t trust the loft they have, so they try to add more at im­pact. They flick their wrists, dip down, rock onto the back foot . . . I think you see where I’m go­ing here. Let’s give you a sim­ple plan for hit­ting the ba­sic pitch. Take a nar­row stance, with the ball about mid­dle, and favour your front foot (1). Lean the shaft a touch to­wards the tar­get, and keep your grip pres­sure light. Swing straight back, and let your wrists hinge with the mo­men­tum (2). Don’t add hinge, and don’t let the club sweep in­side – both lead to fat shots. Swing down and through the grass. A good trig­ger to start the down­swing is to softly shift your knees for­ward.The club­head should stay low after im­pact (3).

Keep turn­ing so you face the tar­get. Your arms should be soft and your weight on your front foot (4). Now go make the putt. Butch Har­mon is a Golf Di­gest Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional.





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