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Turn through to stick your wedges tight

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Play Your Best - by brian manzella

When the pros hit wedge shots, like Euro­pean Tour player Thomas Pi­eters is do­ing here, they’re con­trol­ling the dis­tance and height very pre­cisely. There’s no guess­ing and hop­ing it gets close.You can have that kind of con­trol, too, if you start us­ing your body the right way.

Pi­eters isn’t try­ing to smash the ball as hard as he can, but he’s still mak­ing a def­i­nite body turn through. If you skip this part and use mostly arms, you won’t make con­sis­tent con­tact – and you won’t have good dis­tance con­trol.

To check your body turn, imag­ine the ball has a cam­era on it and that the cam­era is look­ing up at you. If you played back the video af­ter the shot, you should see the left side of your chest mov­ing around to the left, up and away from the ball.You should see your belt buckle com­ing through, fol­lowed by your hands and then the club­head.

The re­sult? Your arms will straighten and line up with your hands and the shaft af­ter im­pact (above). If you try to lead your hands into im­pact too much, the club­head will still be trail­ing the hands at this point.You want the shaft to be point­ing at your belt buckle.You can even set up the cam­era on your phone at the same an­gle this photo was taken. Check your post-im­pact po­si­tion against Pi­eters’ here.

He’s a per­fect model.

Brian Manzella, a Golf Di­gest 50 Best Teacher, is based at English Turn Golf & Coun­try Club in New Or­leans.

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