Are your shoul­ders flex­i­ble enough for the wall slide?

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mo­bil­ity 1 90-90 knee drop Start with both legs bent to 90 de­grees and the knees touch­ing the ground (left). Keep­ing one knee down, ro­tate the other un­til it’s touch­ing the ground on the op­po­site side. Then re­peat with the other knee (right). Keep al­ter­nat­ing the knee ro­ta­tions back and forth. Do six reps in each di­rec­tion to help im­prove the mo­bil­ity nec­es­sary to coil and ini­ti­ate the down­swing. 2 bret­zel

Lie on your side with your top leg bent at 90 de­grees, waist high, lower arm hold­ing it down. Ro­tate the other leg thigh down (top). Lift that foot up, grab it with your other arm and pull it to­wards your butt. Fi­nally, ro­tate your torso away from the top leg (bot­tom). Hold for a few sec­onds, then re­turn to start. Do five reps, each di­rec­tion, to im­prove trunk, thigh and hip mo­bil­ity.

3 shoul­der wall slide

Keep your back, shoul­ders, head and arms against a wall (left). With your eyes straight for­ward and your feet a foot from the wall, slide your arms up as high as you can, main­tain­ing all points of con­tact with the sur­face

(right). Don’t arch your back. Do 10 reps. Im­proves shoul­der mo­bil­ity needed to swing on the proper plane.

sta­bil­ity 1 medicine-ball lift

Kneel on one leg with the foot of the other leg di­rectly in line with it. Hold a medicine ball down by the hip of the kneel­ing leg (left). Bring the ball to your chest and lift it across your body above the op­po­site shoul­der

(right). Do 10 reps. Switch leg po­si­tions and re­peat in the op­po­site di­rec­tion. Im­proves bal­ance, core strength and cross-body co­or­di­na­tion needed for the golf swing.

2 no-arm side plank

Lie on your side, sup­ported by your shoul­der and up­per arm with your feet stacked and rest­ing on a bench

(top). Raise your pelvis as high as you can (bot­tom). Hold for a few sec­onds and then lower it to the ground. Do 10 reps, and re­peat on the op­po­site side. This strength­ens the oblique mus­cles nec­es­sary for proper side-bend­ing and torso ro­ta­tion in the golf swing.

3 dead bug

Hold a physio ball with your arms and legs (top). Lower one arm be­hind your head while straight­en­ing and low­er­ing the op­po­site leg (bot­tom). The other leg and arm should push into the ball. Keep your back from arch­ing. Re­turn to start. Do 10 reps, al­ter­nat­ing arms and legs. Im­proves core sta­bil­ity to con­trol faster swings.

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