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The right arm and hand play an im­por­tant role on bunker shots, and it starts with how they help take the club back. You want them to roll the club­face open so it’s point­ing sky­ward im­me­di­ately in the take­away. This move puts the club­head in po­si­tion to skim through the sand un­der the ball. ▶ The feel of this rolling mo­tion of the right arm and hand can be du­pli­cated with a coffee cup. Fill it with sand, and hold it in front of you with your right hand. Now take that cup and toss the sand out like I’m do­ing here, turn­ing your arm clock­wise. This mo­tion is just like a back­swing that ro­tates the face open. Copy it, and you’ll be in po­si­tion at the top.

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