More great moves for your 2017 work­out

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Add some strength this year for ex­tra power.

When creat­ing a work­out pro­gramme to im­prove your golf swing, fo­cus on ex­er­cises that make your body more sta­ble and flexible, then build strength and power, says Golf Di­gest Fit­ness Ad­vi­sor Ben Shear. In our March 2017 is­sue, he of­fered six moves for bet­ter sta­bil­ity and flex­i­bil­ity. As­sum­ing you’ve been work­ing on those, it’s time to add three strength­train­ing ex­er­cises and three more to power up your swing.“Com­bine all 12 ex­er­cises for a bal­anced work­out,” Shear says.“You can do it all in less than 30 min­utes if you keep moving. Just do 10 reps, two sets per ex­er­cise.”

bul­gar­ian split-squat

Hold two dumb­bells and prop one foot (toes down) on a bench be­hind you. Lower the propped leg nearly to the ground, then back up. Keep your shin and back straight as you squat. Switch legs af­ter each set. This im­proves lower-body strength (legs, hips, glutes, etc.), a key to swing­ing with a sta­ble base.

one-legged glute bridge

While seated with your back rest­ing on a physio ball, ex­tend one leg off the ground and push up­ward with the other. Con­tract your butt mus­cles, rais­ing your pelvis as high as you can. Hold for a sec­ond, then re­turn to the start position, switch legs and re­peat. This strength­ens the glutes, which are prime power gen­er­a­tors in golf.

one-legged row

Hold one dumb­bell and bend your torso for­ward, bal­anc­ing on the op­po­site leg with the other ex­tended be­hind you. Pull the dumb­bell to­wards your torso, lower it and re­turn to an up­right position. Af­ter one set, switch and re­peat. This im­proves ham­strings, hips, back and shoul­ders, im­por­tant to safe de­cel­er­a­tion of the club.

ro­ta­tional jump

Keep­ing your hands on your hips, squat and then jump as high as you can while ro­tat­ing your body as much as you can (180 de­grees is a good goal). Re­peat in the other di­rec­tion as quickly as pos­si­ble, and keep al­ter­nat­ing. This trains your body to use ground force in mul­ti­ple planes of mo­tion – just like the golf swing.

ver­ti­cal leap

Keep­ing your hands on your hips, squat and thrust straight up as high as you can. Do these reps fairly quickly and with all the en­ergy you can muster. This will im­prove the thrust you cre­ate with your legs to gen­er­ate more club­head speed.

one-legged lat­eral jump

Wind your torso coun­ter­clock­wise, and then thrust off one leg lat­er­ally while ro­tat­ing so you land with your body fac­ing in the op­po­site di­rec­tion. Re­peat in the other di­rec­tion. This sim­u­lates and im­proves the wind­ing/load­ing and un­wind­ing/un­load­ing of the body to cre­ate ex­plo­sive power as the club moves through im­pact.

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