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There’s a stigma at­tached to su­per game-im­prove­ment irons that only high-hand­i­caps should be us­ing them. Cer­tainly, the player who comes over the top like a lum­ber­jack and has no de­sire to prac­tice can use all the help these clubs pro­vide, but what about bet­ter play­ers?

There’s a place for them, too. Just as many tour play­ers opt for util­ity irons or even clubs found in this cat­e­gory to re­place their long irons, you should, too, Mr Sin­gle Fig­ure golfer.We ran a test us­ing Fore­sight Sports’ GC2 launch mon­i­tor with a 4-hand­i­cap player pit­ting a game-im­prove­ment 4-iron against a su­per game-im­prove­ment 4-iron.The re­sults were en­light­en­ing.

The game-im­prove­ment 4-iron car­ried 155 me­tres, reach­ing its peak height at 14 me­tres. Its land­ing an­gle was shal­low at 27.3 de­grees, lead­ing to 27 me­tres of roll­out af­ter land­ing.

The su­per game-im­prove­ment club carry was nearly iden­ti­cal (156 me­tres) but had a peak height of 18 me­tres and a 36-de­gree an­gle of de­scent, re­sult­ing in a softer land­ing and cut­ting the roll­out nearly in half at 14 me­tres.

That’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween be­ing over the back of the green and be­ing on the back of the green. And there’s no stigma when mark­ing down a 4 in­stead of a 5 or 6. – EMJ

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