Golf Digest (South Africa) - - 2017 Masters -

“A fade is the shot. What does ev­ery­body do who plays golf for a liv­ing? He fights a hook. You can’t play at a high level play­ing a hook be­cause you end up spending so much time fight­ing it off. Or hold­ing it off en­tirely. The ideal shot is a fade. So for a lefty hit­ting some kind of pow­er­ful shot you can con­trol – a fade – on that golf course, it’s def­i­nitely a weapon.” . . . “Take the 12th hole. Lefthanders can aim at the front bunker, and if they pull the shot, it’ll make the carry. And if they push it, they can make the shorter carry on the left. A right-handed push is wet, and a pull goes too far onto the bank at the back. Other shots are eas­ier, too. They can hit fades off the tee at 13 and 14. They can cut it off the fair­way bunker on 2. They can go for it more off the 15th tee be­cause their draw moves away from the trees on the left.” . . . “You can play the course with a righthanded fade – Nick­laus proved that. But it’s a mas­sive ad­van­tage to move it right to left. Turn­ing over a mod­ern driver is very dif­fi­cult, which is why Phil and Bubba have such an in­her­ent ad­van­tage.” . . . “The left-han­der theory is to­tal bull­shit. You have to move it both ways at Au­gusta. I think Phil likes peo­ple to think there’s more to it. That’s to­tally Phil to gain an edge.” . . . “I wish I were left-handed that week.” . . . “Was Au­gusta Tiger­proofed? What they did is, they right-hand-proofed it. I think if I could play it left-handed, even I would have a chance.”

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