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How to stick it tight in­side 100 me­tres.


IF YOU TRY TO REG­U­LATE the dis­tance you hit your wedge shots by chang­ing the length of the swing, you’re not as ac­cu­rate as you could be. Golf in­struc­tion is partly to blame.You might have been told to han­dle dif­fer­ent dis­tances by pre­tend­ing your arms are like the hands on an imag­i­nary clock face, and that you can dial in a spe­cific shot by swing­ing back or through to a num­ber on the clock. A back­swing to 9 o’clock might re­sult in a 30-me­tre shot, for ex­am­ple, but a back­swing to 10 o’clock will send it 40 me­tres. That’s a log­i­cal idea, but it’s flawed.Why? Two swings can be the same length, but if the club­head speed at im­pact isn’t the same, the ball will go dif­fer­ent dis­tances. Con­versely, swings of dif­fer­ent lengths but the same speed will pro­duce roughly the same dis­tance. It’s not magic. It’s physics. With that in mind, I’m go­ing to teach you how to hit wedges pin high from var­i­ous dis­tances by chang­ing your swing speed – that’s how Jor­dan Spi­eth and I do it when we work to­gether.To keep it sim­ple, these shots will fly about the same height.You can ex­per­i­ment later with tra­jec­tory. For now, prac­tise these stock shots, and you’re on your way to be­com­ing a wicked wedge player. – with ron kaspriske

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