Vary your tra­jec­tory for bet­ter ac­cu­racy

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How would you like to hit draws on com­mand?

My nat­u­ral shot is a draw, and most good play­ers know how to curve it right to left when they need to. But some­times, bend­ing the ball isn’t enough. There are times when the height of the shot is just as im­por­tant as the draw it­self. This is cer­tainly true at a course such as Au­gusta Na­tional. Whether you need to take it up and around the trees on the fa­mous par-5 13th, or you need to chase it up to a green from un­der some branches off a fair­way, the tra­jec­tory is cru­cial to suc­cess.

I’m go­ing to make the “how to” ad­just­ments sim­ple: When you grip the club, do so in a stronger po­si­tion than nor­mal. That means turn­ing both hands to the right a bit, but make sure the face is still square with your tar­get. Now ad­just your setup.

For a low draw (right), play the ball back three to five cen­time­tres from your nor­mal ball po­si­tion, which will nat­u­rally set your left shoul­der lower than it would be for a stan­dard shot. For a high draw, play the ball for­ward in your stance 3 to 5 cm, which will set your left shoul­der slightly higher.

These al­ter­ations in your grip, ball and shoul­der po­si­tions will re­sult in your shot draw­ing left at the de­sired height. Re­mem­ber, if you can change tra­jec­tory on com­mand, you’re play­ing at a higher level than most.

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