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A lot of av­er­age golfers don’t hit the driver as con­sis­tently straight as they’d like. The re­flex ad­vice has al­ways been to dial down to a 3-wood and put some­thing out there in play. That’s a nice thought, but the re­al­ity for most mid­dle-hand­i­caps is, they don’t hit the 3-wood much dif­fer­ent than the driver. If you put the same medi­ocre swing on a 3-wood that you do on a driver, you’re just go­ing to be 20 or 30 me­tres fur­ther from where you want to go. And it’s ac­tu­ally harder to make solid con­tact with a 3-wood be­cause the club­face is smaller and you have to tee the ball so much closer to the ground. Un­less wa­ter or O.B. is a fac­tor, swing your driver and ac­cept the risk of a crooked shot for the po­ten­tial dis­tance ben­e­fit. Even if you hit the 3-wood as well as you can, you’re still go­ing to have a sig­nif­i­cantly longer shot into the green, which off­sets most of any ac­cu­racy ad­van­tage you got.

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