five pay­offs for golfers

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1. no­tice neg­a­tive thoughts with­out be­ing run by them. I gag over bunker shots might be a thought that never leaves you, but its power over you should. 2. de­lay re­ac­tion to

stress. “Think of road rage,” says tour pro Luke Don­ald, who has worked with psy­chol­o­gist Michael Ger­vais and George Mum­ford, author of The Mind­ful Ath­lete. “Some­thing hap­pens. You re­act. There are mo­ments like that in golf. The idea is to ex­tend the gap be­tween feel­ing and re­ac­tion. Give the urge to re­act time to dis­si­pate.” 3. stop fight­ing what you feel. “It’s not about feel­ing good. It’s about feel­ing what you feel, and not run­ning from it,” says Dan Har­ris, author of 10% Hap­pier. 4. be. here. now. “You hit a shot and take a few mo­ments to eval­u­ate – not judge – it,” Ger­vais says. “You say, ‘Okay, this hap­pened and this hap­pened and that hap­pened.’ Af­ter that, the idea is to sim­ply be where your feet are. En­joy the walk.”

5. re­hearse suc­cess. Some psy­chol­o­gists go as far as en­cour­ag­ing play­ers to imag­ine a whole round in a kind of med­i­ta­tive state. See suc­cess. In­vite suc­cess.

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