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▶ You’ve prob­a­bly been told to sweep the ball with your driver and hit down on it with your irons. Truth is, if you want to hit your irons higher, you shouldn’t hit down on it all that much. To learn what a shal­lower ap­proach feels like, try this: Tee a ball 5 to 8 cen­time­tres off the ground like you pulled your driver from the bag, but in­stead you’re go­ing to use a 6-iron. Try to hit this ball as high and far as you can. No­tice how your spine has to tilt away from the tar­get and your right arm straight­ens to launch the ball (left). Spine tilt is re­ally im­por­tant. If your spine is straight up and down, or lean­ing to­wards the tar­get at im­pact, you’ll swing un­der the ball and prob­a­bly pop it up. Weight shift also mat­ters. Swing off your back foot, and you’ll blade it. Once you’re rou­tinely hit­ting it great with this drill, see if you can get sim­i­lar re­sults by mak­ing the same swing when the ball is not teed up.

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