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▶ If you feel a lot of weight in your left foot as your back­swing ends, there’s a good chance you’ll hit a line drive. You need to get your body be­hind the ball, as they say. Try this: Step on the shaft of a club with your right foot and pin an­other across your chest as I’m do­ing here. Now turn back (near, right). Feel all your weight move into your right leg, but no­tice how the club on the ground serves as a back­stop so you don’t sway from the tar­get with your body. The club pinned across your chest should be point­ing well be­hind the ball when you com­plete your turn, and your head should be be­hind the ball, too. If you can get to the top of your swing in a sim­i­lar po­si­tion when you play, you’re ready to fire off your right side when you start the down­swing. That’s good weight shift. It’s a lot like how pitch­ers wind up and then push off their back leg to throw a fast­ball.

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