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▶ This drill puts all the el­e­ments you’ve learned so far into one fluid mo­tion. Stick an align­ment rod 8-10cm off your right hip and an­other the same dis­tance off your left hip. Wind up like in Drill No. 1 with­out sway­ing into the rod next to your right hip. Then start down by let­ting your left hip bump the rod that’s next to it. Your spine an­gle should shift as it does in Drill No. 2. Sense your weight mov­ing into the left heel as you do this (near,

left). If you feel it in your toes, you’re out of po­si­tion. Fi­nally, af­ter the bump, ro­tate your hips to­wards the tar­get and let the club swing along the ground as in Drill No. 3. You can work on this in three parts, but the goal is to blend it: (1) Turn and post up on your right side; (2) shift your lower body to­wards the tar­get; (3) ro­tate your hips and fin­ish the swing. This will re­ally help you get the ball sail­ing. Greens in reg will be­come rou­tine.

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