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▶ Find a spot where you can at­tempt iron shots from an up­hill lie (right). The slope shouldn’t be too se­vere, but you want to feel like grav­ity is pulling you away from the tar­get a lit­tle when you ad­dress the ball. If you can hit it solid and high from here, you’ve got the proper feel­ing for a high-ball swing from a flat lie. The slope forces you to shift your weight for­ward and shal­low your down­swing. If you leave weight on your back foot, be­cause of grav­ity or the no­tion that this will help you hit it higher, you might lose your bal­ance, whiff or skull the ball into the next county. And if you swing down too steeply, the club will crash into the turf. It’s just physics. In­stead, do like Col says and “fol­low the earth with your club­head.” Shift your weight to­wards the tar­get, swing up the slope, and you’ll hit it high and far. The hill acts like a launch­ing pad if you do it right.

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