No More Chunky Irons

Shift for­ward, and don’t stop turn­ing

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It’s frus­trat­ing when you hit a great drive and then chunk an iron from the mid­dle of the fair­way. With one lousy swing, your mind-set goes from Birdie time! to Don’t make a dou­ble bo­gey.

Most poor con­tact comes from not get­ting off the back foot on the down­swing. A lot of golfers rush the club down from the top and “throw” it at the ball in­stead of build­ing mo­men­tum from the ground up. When the weight stays back, the club usu­ally hits be­hind the ball.

Your first move down should be shift­ing to your front foot, fol­lowed by your lower body turn­ing to­wards the tar­get. Then comes your up­per body, your arms and, fi­nally, the club. In the cor­rect photo here (be­low left), my right foot is com­ing off the ground, which proves I’m shift­ing for­ward. My body and the club are mov­ing in sync. In the fault photo (be­low right), my right foot is still down be­cause my weight has stayed on my back foot. My body has stalled, and the club flipped past me. Fat shot, here I come.

So shift to your front side and keep turn­ing. Re­mind your­self to swing through the ball, not at it.

Butch Har­mon is at Rio Secco Golf Club in Henderson, Ne­vada

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