Putt with ‘Per-fect Pace’

Two sim­ple words to help drop the ball in the cup

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hen your putting goes south, what’s the first fun­da­men­tal to try and im­prove? Re­store good rhythm to your stroke.

Here’s a sim­ple ca­dence to prac­tice. When you make a stroke, think per-fect pace – three syl­la­bles. It’s like a pendulum tick­ing two beats to one. When you take the put­ter back, think per-fect. When you swing the put­ter through, think pace. Whether your stroke is long or short, the rhythm should stay the same every time.

Us­ing this ca­dence will help you strike the ball solidly, and smoothly. It helps elim­i­nate any jerky or abrupt mo­tions that can af­fect ball speed or the ori­en­ta­tion of the put­ter­face at im­pact, es­pe­cially on longer putts. You won’t feel like you need ex­tra ef­fort to get the ball to the hole.

One more piece of ad­vice: In­stead of wor­ry­ing about the im­por­tance of mak­ing a putt, shift your thoughts to how you’re go­ing to do it. Fo­cus on the process, not the out­come.

Chris Mayson, direc­tor of in­struc­tion, Maderas Golf Club, Cal­i­for­nia.

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