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“One way to de­velop con­sis­tent rhythm is to down­load a free metronome app on your phone. Set it be­tween 72 and 80 beats per minute. The av­er­age tour pro’s b.p.m. is around 75 when he putts.” mario guerra QUAKER RIDGE GC, SCARSDALE, NEW YORK

“Achiev­ing good rhythm re­ally starts from elim­i­nat­ing ten­sion. Un­weight­ing the put­ter in your hands is a good idea for many ama­teurs to achieve a smooth stroke. Feel re­laxed.” chad mid­daugh MUIRFIELD VIL­LAGE GC, DUBLIN, OHIO

“When I teach a pendulum stroke, I tell stu­dents to make sure the wrists don’t break. For good rhythm, you want a smooth mo­tion keep­ing the put­ter­head square to the hole. But pay at­ten­tion to not break­ing that flat left wrist through im­pact.” mered­ith kirk DUSTIN JOHNSON GOLF SCHOOL, SOUTH CAROLINA

“A lot of peo­ple strug­gle with long putting be­cause their rhythm is off. They’re hit­ting it in­stead of rolling it, and a lot of that is be­cause the grip pres­sure is way too tight and in­con­sis­tent. When your grip pres­sure is con­sis­tent, typ­i­cally your rhythm is pretty good, too. So be con­scious of how hard you are grip­ping the put­ter at ad­dress and main­tain that pres­sure through­out the stroke.” billy fitzger­ald BEV­ERLY CC, CHICAGO

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