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When hit­ting a pitch shot from here, your goal is to slide the club along the ground through the im­pact zone, so you want the bot­tom of the swing to oc­cur slightly be­hind the ball. Set the han­dle so it’s up­right but slightly be­hind the ball, and get it back to this po­si­tion at im­pact.

BURIED LIE When the ball is sit­ting down in the rough, you need a steeper swing than you do for a fair­way lie to get the club un­der the ball. To do that, set the han­dle for­ward, and re­turn it to this po­si­tion at im­pact.

BUNKER LIE Sim­i­lar to when the ball is in the rough, the han­dle should be set in a for­ward po­si­tion. That should re­mind you to swing the club­head down into the sand right be­hind the ball and con­tinue un­der it. The more buried the ball is in the bunker, the more the han­dle should be lean­ing for­ward.

PERCHED LIE Some­times the ball doesn’t set­tle down in the rough, or it’s on a cut of grass with a lit­tle cush­ion. In those cases, you can pre-set the han­dle slightly back to catch the ball on the up­swing, just like if it were on a tee. If you re-cre­ate this po­si­tion, you’ll hit it high and soft.

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