If you want to hit chips that check, a ure­thane cover is a must.

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bridge­stone b330/330-s/rx/rxs

R50/R40 The B330 and B330-S are made for faster swingers (170 kph or more). The B330-S is for those want­ing a lit­tle more spin. At R10 less a ball, the B330RX and B330-RXS are for sub-170-kph swings. The RXS is softer and spins more on short shots.

per­for­mance ★★★ ★½ in­no­va­tion ★★★★★ feel ★★★★ ½ de­mand ★★ ½

tay­lor­made project (a)

R40 The ure­thane cover pro­duces the kind of green­side-check­ing spin that can help av­er­age golfers – who miss far more greens than they hit. But the lower-com­pres­sion core is for­mu­lated so it’s soft (for feel) and re­silient (for faster ball speed).

per­for­mance ★★★★ ★ in­no­va­tion ★★★★★ feel ★★★★ ½ de­mand ★★★ ½

call­away chrome soft/x

R50 Chrome Soft was a suc­cess, but some didn’t like its pil­lowy feel. Solv­ing that is­sue is Chrome Soft X. Both mod­els have a dual-core, four-piece construction with a ure­thane cover. How­ever, the X pro­vides a firmer feel with a more pen­e­trat­ing tra­jec­tory.

per­for­mance ★★★★ ★ in­no­va­tion ★★ ★ ★½ feel ★★ ★★ ★ de­mand ★ ★★

ti­tleist pro v1/v1x

R65 Ti­tleist shows it’s in com­mand of its tech­nol­ogy with sub­tle but sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments. A new dim­ple de­sign on the four-piece V1x pro­motes a higher tra­jec­tory, and the re­vamped three-piece V1 comes with a re­for­mu­lated core for less spin.

per­for­mance ★★ ★★ ★ in­no­va­tion ★ ★★ ★½ feel ★★★★ ★ de­mand ★★★ ★ ★

srixon z-star/xv

R50 A new dim­ple pat­tern and re­designed cores (the Z-Star’s is softer; the XV’s is larger and softer) help the ball carry fur­ther. A new cover coat­ing (13-per­cent softer than the pre­vi­ous ver­sion) helps fric­tion on short shots. Fast swingers will like the XV.

per­for­mance ★★★★ ★ in­no­va­tion ★★ ★★ ½ feel ★★★★ ½ de­mand ★ ★

ti­tleist nxt tour

R45 The ionomerblend cover helps the ball feel soft, but the large dual core and its soft in­ner core are the real tech­no­log­i­cal story be­hind this ball. The re­sult is a higher ball flight with less spin and more dis­tance for the longer clubs. Who couldn’t use a lit­tle of that?

per­for­mance ★★★★ ½ in­no­va­tion ★★★ ★½ feel ★★ ★★ de­mand ★★ ★★ ½

srixon ad333 tour

R40 This new low­com­pres­sion model fea­tures less spin on tee shots and a higher ball flight with the irons. The tour-qual­ity ure­thane cover with a high­fric­tion coat­ing pro­duces ex­tra grab on short shots nor­mally re­served for elite balls.

per­for­mance ★★★ ★ ½ in­no­va­tion ★★★ ★ feel ★★ ★½ de­mand ★

wilson duo ure­thane

R40 Wilson has claimed to have the soft­est ball in golf. As oth­ers pur­sued that ti­tle, Wilson took the next step by adding a ure­thane cover. The re­sult here is a ball that feels soft (the core com­pres­sion is only 25) and pro­vides a lit­tle tour sauce on short shots.

per­for­mance ★★ ★★ ½ in­no­va­tion ★★★ ★ feel ★★ ★★★ de­mand ★ ½

tay­lor­made tp5/x

R60 Mak­ing golf balls is like bak­ing cakes: More lay­ers add com­plex­ity – and greater re­wards. That’s the idea be­hind these five-piece balls. We’ll spare you the chem­i­cal-en­gi­neer­ing talk. The TP5 is softer with a mid-launch. The TP5x is firmer with a higher launch.

per­for­mance ★ ★★★★ in­no­va­tion ★ ★ ★★ ½ feel ★★★★ ½ de­mand ★ ★

ti­tleist nxt tour s

R45 This two-piece com­pan­ion to the NXT Tour fea­tures a softer ver­sion of Ti­tleist’s ionomer-blend cover for those who want a lit­tle ex­tra spin on short-game shots. The lower-com­pres­sion core means shots through­out the bag will feel slightly softer.

per­for­mance ★ ★★★ in­no­va­tion ★ ★★★ feel ★★★★ de­mand ★★★★½

bridge­stone e6 soft

R35 The e6 has made a name for it­self over the past decade by keep­ing av­er­age golfers’ tee shots in play and their iron shots launch­ing higher. The up­dated ver­sion’s softer core aims to im­prove feel through­out the bag. The core is also larger for faster ball speed.

per­for­mance ★★★ ★ ½ in­no­va­tion ★★★ ★ ½ feel ★★ ★★ ½ de­mand ★★★ ★ ½

wilson duo

R20 This soft ball gets needed speed from a re­silient cover.

per­for­mance ★★ ★★ ½ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★★ ½ de­mand ★★★

call­away su­per­soft

R28 This top-seller’s re­vise in­cludes more speed, bet­ter spin.

per­for­mance ★★★★ ½ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★★ ½ de­mand ★★★★★

pin­na­cle soft

R25 Pin­na­cle’s soft­est ball ever pro­duces low spin for dis­tance.

per­for­mance ★★★★ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★★ de­mand ★★★

srixon ad333

R25 A cover coat­ing in­creases fric­tion for short-shot spin.

per­for­mance ★★★ ★ ½ in­no­va­tion ★★★ ★ ½ feel ★★★ ★ de­mand ★★★ ★ ½

ti­tleist ve­loc­ity

R35 Its rep­u­ta­tion as Ti­tleist’s dis­tance ball long es­tab­lished, the cur­rent ver­sion of­fers a new fo­cus on feel, thanks to a thin­ner cover. Still, the larger, more re­silient core pow­ers dis­tance, and a high launch helps iron shots land at a steeper, green-hold­ing an­gle.

per­for­mance ★★★★ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★ ½ de­mand ★★★★★

srixon soft feel

R25 Up­dates in­clude a softer in­side and a thin­ner, softer cover.

per­for­mance ★★★★ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★★ ★ de­mand ★★★

wilson duo spin

R25 This three-piece ball fea­tures an ex­tremely low-com­pres­sion core (it ac­tu­ally mea­sures be­low zero, at -55) to help re­duce spin on the longer clubs. The soft, flex­i­ble man­tle pro­vides ex­tra short-iron spin, and the re­silient ionomer cover adds ve­loc­ity.

per­for­mance ★★★★½ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★ ½ de­mand ★★

ti­tleist dt tru­soft

R30 It’s soft with low spin but still has ap­proach-shot con­trol.

per­for­mance ★★★★ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★★ de­mand ★★★★

volvik vibe

TBA For­get the funky name. This ball, which will be avail­able in South Africa in Au­gust, is sneaky good for golfers with swing speeds of less than 160 kilo­me­tres per hour. It has a com­pres­sion of just 65, which means it has a soft feel with less spin off tee shots.

per­for­mance ★★★ ★ in­no­va­tion ★★★★ feel ★★★★ de­mand ★

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