you swing too hard with the long irons

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when you have a long iron in your hands, you’ve got a ways to go – and I’d bet you’re not ex­actly full of con­fi­dence. Most golfers swing the longer irons back too far so they get a bounce ef­fect at the top. That means they “throw” the club start­ing down and lose the wrist an­gle (be­low). The throw also pulls you away from the tar­get. Those two things cause the club to bottom out be­hind the ball. You hit a fat shot or a drop-kick, or if you do catch it flush, you don’t have much on it. What­ever, you’re not get­ting to the green.

first, keep your back­swing in check. Think shorter and wider, push­ing your hands away from your head at the top. Then, start down by shift­ing to your front side. Get some pres­sure back in your front foot. And re­sist the urge to add any ex­tra hit on the ball. Yes, you’ve got to hit a long shot, but good con­tact is the key to dis­tance. The club will build speed through the ball, if you let it. With your weight left and your wrist an­gle in­tact half­way down (be­low), you’ll catch the ball first and brush the turf af­ter im­pact.

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