you try to help the ball into the air

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with the mid­dle irons, most golfers think they can reach the green. The prob­lem is, they try to lift the ball off the ground to hit it high. They start by play­ing the ball too far for­ward in the stance and then hang on the back foot and try to scoop it up. But the trade­mark look of the lifter is com­ing up and out of the spine an­gle on the down­swing (above). Once the up­per body straight­ens up, the club­head comes up, too, and that causes thin con­tact, even topped shots. Hit­ting up on the ball might feel right, but it’s an ab­so­lute killer of solid con­tact.

you have to get it into your head that hit­ting down and through the ball is the best way to pro­duce a high shot. Re­mem­ber, the in­stinct to lift usu­ally re­sults in a lower flight be­cause of poor con­tact. You need to feel more “on top of” the ball at im­pact, with your chest fac­ing down (above). Play the ball mid­dle, make a wide back­swing, then drive your en­tire right side – knee, hip and shoul­der – through the shot. An­other good thought is to hit with the back of your left hand fac­ing the tar­get. You’ll stop scoop­ing, I prom­ise.

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