you let your ego dic­tate club se­lec­tion

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the golfer’s ego is a ter­ri­ble thing. There’s some­thing about say­ing “I hit wedge into that green” that gets play­ers jazzed. But try­ing to stretch your dis­tances, es­pe­cially with the short clubs, screws up your con­trol. When you want to smash it, you typ­i­cally play the ball too far back and push your hands ahead. You’re try­ing to turn that wedge into a longer club. On the down­swing, the up­per body takes over, push­ing the club onto an out-to-in path. The fin­ish is long and tipped back (be­low). If you hit it solid – un­likely – it’s usu­ally a pull.

for­get that you once hit a wedge 130 me­tres. You must have got lucky and caught it solid with a wild swing. A bet­ter strat­egy is to take an 8- or 9-iron and use a three-quar­ter action. Cen­tre the ball at ad­dress, and swing back with­out any con­scious wrist hinge. Then fo­cus on turn­ing your torso to face the tar­get (be­low). Try for more of a punchy fol­lowthrough, your hands fin­ish­ing in front of you or even with your head, not drop­ping the club down your back. With the short clubs, con­trol beats speed every time.

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