you al­ways mess up down­hill lies

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down­hill tee shots are sweet, but when av­er­age golfers face a down­hill lie to the green, things get ugly fast. Usu­ally, they don’t make any ad­just­ments, which pretty much guar­an­tees a clunky strike. And if they do any­thing dif­fer­ent, they lean back – into the hill – be­cause it feels more sta­ble. Try to re­sist that urge. Lean­ing back tips your shoul­ders up­ward (above) and pro­motes hit­ting be­hind the ball. What­ever you’re do­ing at ad­dress, the downs­lope is mak­ing you feel awk­ward so you end up mak­ing an awk­ward swing.

this one is easy to fix be­cause the changes you need to make are in the setup. For this to play like a level lie, fit your body to the downs­lope. Feel like you set your shoul­ders par­al­lel with the slope – you won’t ac­tu­ally go that far, but that’s the feel you want (above). Po­si­tion the ball back a lit­tle in your stance, and aim more to the left be­cause it’s harder to square the face at im­pact from a down­hill lie. Then just swing down the slope. As with all these shots, solid con­tact is the key. Swing in con­trol, and you’ll hit more greens.

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