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If I tossed you a golf ball and asked you to toss it right back to me, with­out even think­ing, I bet you’d throw it with your dom­i­nant arm. What this should tell you is that even though you’ve got two arms, you feel more com­fort­able us­ing one over the other. Re­mem­ber that when you swing the golf club. A good golf swing is a blend of co­or­di­nated move­ment from both sides of the body, but it’s re­ally your dom­i­nant side that wants, and should, dic­tate the ac­tion. For most of you, that means tak­ing a right­side ap­proach to your swing. Grab a bath towel and I’ll show you how.

BACKSWING: LOAD AND SEP­A­RATE Wrap a towel around your right arm at the el­bow joint and hold it taut like I am here (left). Now mimic a backswing all the way to the top try­ing to re­sist the move­ment – just a lit­tle – with your left hand. You should feel like your up­per body is coil­ing with the latis­simus dorsi “lat” mus­cle re­ally flexed on the right side of the back. You’ll also no­tice that to swing to the top, you have to let your right arm sep­a­rate from your up­per body. I know you might have heard to keep that el­bow tucked when you swing back, but let­ting the right arm “float” a lit­tle away from your trunk pro­vides a nice, wide swing arc and puts you in po­si­tion for the proper shal­low­ing of the club on the way down. Es­sen­tially, you’re cre­at­ing more room to swing from in­side the tar­get line. Cou­ple that with the coil­ing the re­sis­tance of the towel pro­motes, and you’re poised for a pow­er­ful, right-side-fu­eled down­swing.


Keep­ing the towel stretched, I want you to mimic a down­swing. Get things started with your nor­mal lower-body ac­tion and then pull the towel to­wards the ground with your left hand while lightly re­sist­ing that mo­tion with your right arm

(be­low). Feel like the right arm is mov­ing down in the same man­ner it would to skip a stone or throw a ball sidearm. In other words, the right palm should not be fac­ing down­ward. You should feel like the right arm is be­ing pulled into a tucked po­si­tion along­side the body. Why do you need the towel? When you re­sist the pulling ac­tion, it pre­vents the right arm from drift­ing away from the body to­wards the ball. That’s the over-the-top move slicers make with the club cut­ting across the tar­get line. If that el­bow gets tucked and you keep ro­tat­ing to­wards the tar­get with your body, you’re go­ing to give the ball a strong smack with your right arm.

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