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Try this to splash it out and land it close.

Setup is su­per im­por­tant when hit­ting pitch or chip shots. A per­fect ex­am­ple is what hap­pened to me at the first event of 2017, the SBS Tour­na­ment of Cham­pi­ons. I was prac­tis­ing these shots, and Pa­trick Reed saw me strug­gling. He came over, ad­justed my feet and body, and then I started hit­ting them way bet­ter. What he no­ticed was my body was too open (aligned left of my tar­get), and my lower body looked wob­bly when I hit the shot. So he told me to keep my feet a lit­tle open, square up the rest of my body a lit­tle more, and make sure my legs felt sta­ble when I swung.

As far as my tech­nique, grip is key. I weaken my left-hand po­si­tion on the club when I want to hit a higher pitch (mean­ing I ro­tate my hand so the thumb is more on top of the shaft). For a low checker, I strengthen my left­hand grip. And I’ll even go to a putting grip for a bump-and-run shot. When swing­ing, re­mem­ber two things: (1) Keep your body ro­tat­ing to­wards the tar­get well past im­pact; (2) Let your hands lead the club­head. That means the shaft should be lean­ing to­wards the tar­get or up­right on con­tact (near, right).

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