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“Grip down and stand closer.”

More and more we’re see­ing fair­ways that are firm and dry. That’s great for the en­vi­ron­ment (less wa­ter used for ir­ri­ga­tion) and for get­ting lots of roll. But this makes hit­ting solid fair­way woods off the turf chal­leng­ing. If you’re strug­gling, here’s the one thing you want to do: Play a cut fade.

This shot gets its name be­cause when you swing, you cut across the ball on an out-toin path, and that pro­duces a shot that gets in the air and curves to the right.To ex­e­cute it: First, grip down five cen­time­tres and stand closer to the ball than nor­mal.That will en­cour­age a steeper down­swing for solid con­tact, and the slightly out-to-in swing path you need to fade it. Next, aim a lit­tle left, al­low­ing for that shot shape. Fi­nally, swing low and left through im­pact, pro­duc­ing a small divot.You’ll hit the ball more solidly for dis­tance, and the fade will keep it in play.

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