Golf Digest (South Africa) - - The Golf Life - BY JOR­DAN SPI­ETH

▶ Drop three putts in a row over 20 feet, and what can any­one say? Other than maybe you had a strong feel­ing each was go­ing in, prob­a­bly not much. But I re­cently hit upon a term that,at least,be­gins to de­scribe what I feel when I’m putting great: black­out. ▶ When I’m in “black­out,” I have zero thoughts about my setup or stroke. I’m not even think­ing about speed.There’s no chal­lenge in my stance, no body parts push­ing for po­si­tion. I just step in and I’m im­me­di­ately com­fort­able.All I see is the arc of a putt with en­hanced clar­ity. Say, the gen­tle swoop of a 12-footer that breaks a foot.The blur of the ball’s path and that path alone burns in my mind – noth­ing else. My stroke is sim­ply a re­ac­tion to make that path come alive, to come to be, with the roll of the ball. ▶ Now all that might sound goofy. It’s a hard thing to ex­plain. What I can state clearly is, I’m not al­ways in black­out, as much as I wish I were. And as ef­fort­less as I might make it out to be, it takes work and prepa­ra­tion to get in that mode. I make no guar­an­tees, but I can show you how I’ve been able to get there. Maybe you can, too.– with max adler

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