Make a bet­ter swing by train­ing from end to be­gin­ning

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents - By Cameron McCormick

Shape shots by re­hears­ing your fin­ish.

There’s a well-es­tab­lished prin­ci­ple in learn­ing called re­verse chain­ing that can be ap­plied to im­prov­ing your golf swing – es­pe­cially if your goal is to curve the ball or al­ter its tra­jec­tory.The con­cept is that if you know the type of nish po­si­tion your body and club should be in to cre­ate a cer­tain ball ight, your mind in­tu­itively adapts, so your body and club know how to move to reach that des­ti­na­tion. In other words, the down­swing and through-swing hap­pen sim­ply as a re­sult of try­ing to get into the proper nish po­si­tion. Re­verse chain­ing al­lows you to swing with an un­clut­tered mind and fear­less ex­e­cu­tion. Here I’ll teach you the el­e­ments of a good nish for a draw, fade and a knock­down. Pose these po­si­tions

rst, then make prac­tice swings with­out a ball try­ing to re-cre­ate them. Fi­nally, hit shots with your only swing thought be­ing to nish prop­erly. If you can learn how to end these three swings, the rest of the ac­tion will feel like it just hap­pens with­out any fur­ther thought. –

Stop the club short

▶ To lower your ball flight and hit a more con­trolled shot, your fin­ish will have a trun­cated look. No­tice how my club and arms are in front of my body and the sha is up­right (right). As you fin­ish, feel like the back of your le wrist is still flexed a lit­tle, like you’re about to fling a Fris­bee. It will feel like you’ve stopped the club from con­tin­u­ing around your body.

Go low and left

▶ To curve the ball on tar­get with a le -to-right ball flight, your hands and arms need to fin­ish low and le , hav­ing moved across your body

(left). No­tice the club’s sha fin­ishes in a po­si­tion roughly par­al­lel to the ground, much dif­fer­ent than a draw. The other thing to point out is how much my up­per body has ro­tated. My chest is point­ing well le of the tar­get. In other words, my up­per body kept ro­tat­ing long a er I struck the ball.

“Let me teach you the best fin­ish for a draw, fade and knock­down.”

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