Golf Digest (South Africa) - - The Golf Life - an­drew get­son be­gan coach­ing Phil Mick­el­son in late 2015. The Aus­tralia na­tive teaches at Gray­hawk Golf Club in Scotts­dale.

With phil’s old swing, his driv­ing ac­cu­racy suf­fered be­cause he re­lied on his hands too much to square the club at im­pact.We went to work on im­prov­ing his swing plane so he wouldn’t have to rely on tim­ing as much. Now he’s a lit­tle more ver­ti­cal as he ap­proaches the top of his swing (photo No. 1, right). If you looked at the same po­si­tion a year ago, the club’s shaft would be a lot less up­right.The les­son is, a slightly steep back­swing can give you a feel­ing of hav­ing more room to prop­erly swing the club down from inside the tar­get line.You can see him tak­ing ad­van­tage of that as he swings down. No­tice how the shaft gets flat­ter. When Phil looks at pho­tos like this, he likes to see it drop­ping be­low the logo on his left arm (No. 2). Also, look at where his hands are late in the down­swing. If they’re here (No. 3), we know he’s got the club slot­ted and his arms have caught up with his body ro­ta­tion. He’s go­ing to rip it. I tell my stu­dents not to worry about mak­ing con­tact with the ball. In­stead, let the ball get in the way of a good swing. Just like this one.

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