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▶ If you go on YouTube and type in “Pete Cowen drill,” you’ll find a bunch of videos where he’s demon­strat­ing some ver­sion of the axe drill – which is one of my favourites. I do it al­most ev­ery week on the range be­fore an event, be­cause it pro­duces such a great feel­ing of un­wind­ing in the right se­quence and di­rec­tion – key to putting pres­sure on the ball. To do it, flip the club around in your hands so the toe is point­ing at the ground (left) and make some swings with­out a ball. If you were go­ing to chop straight down on a log with an axe where the ball would be, you’d use your shoul­ders, arms and wrists in a spe­cific, ef­fi­cient way. Your swing should have the same mo­tion, just turned to the side. With the club flipped, the change in lo­ca­tion of weight will get you to feel it mov­ing on the cor­rect path down. In this drill, you want to get back to im­pact the way you started, with the toe down.

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