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GH’s stain-bust­ing ex­pert Vicki Sleet shares her fixes for house­hold dilem­mas and life’s lit­tle oops mo­ments To stop SA run­ning dry, do your bit to save wa­ter in the kitchen TIGHTEN leak­ing or drip­ping taps. Have leaks fixed as soon as pos­si­ble, and al­ways close taps se­curely. RE­DUCE your wa­ter pres­sure. Too-high wa­ter pres­sure doesn’t just waste wa­ter, it could also cause damage to pipes, re­sult­ing in leaks that will lead to more wa­ter wastage. Con­sider in­stalling wa­ter­pres­sure-re­duc­ing valves to avoid this. DON’T DRINK from the tap. Pour­ing drink­ing wa­ter from the tap of­ten means leav­ing the wa­ter to run for a few sec­onds un­til it’s cold. So you’re ef­fec­tively go­ing through at least two glasses of wa­ter for ev­ery one you drink – the rest goes down the drain. Fill up a few bot­tles at once to store in the fridge in­stead. KEEP a square bucket in your kitchen sink to catch the runoff from rins­ing veg­eta­bles and wash­ing hands. Pour it onto your gar­den. DON’T RINSE or wash dishes un­der the tap. Hand­wash­ing usu­ally in­volves two sinks full of wa­ter – one for soap and one for rins­ing – or turn­ing the tap on and off again to rinse each in­di­vid­ual dish. A dish­washer can use about half the amount of wa­ter. Opt for one with an ‘econ­omy’ cy­cle if pos­si­ble. UP­GRADE your wash­ing ma­chine. If your model is more than five years old, you may be miss­ing out on wa­ter-sav­ing tech­nol­ogy ad­vance­ments. The LG Ti­tan Washer Dryer wash­ing ma­chine uses steam in­stead of wa­ter, and cleans clothes in less time, mak­ing it en­ergy- and wa­ter-ef­fi­cient. R12 999

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